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Error message 'Bad Vehicle Type Map_ChernarusN'
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When trying to log in and play I experienced the error message 'Bad Vehicle Type Map_ChernarusN'.

This item (Map of Northern Chernarus) has been added to my inventory previously, it also has been added to the quick bar.

The issue didn't happen from that moment on. I was able to change servers two or three times, there have been no delays between logoff and logon - so it were merely server changes.

But one day later, with a delay of some 8 hours between log off and (attempted) login the error message appeared.

Result is that I can not join stable servers any more, as they are not even being displayed in the server list. I just get shown experimental servers (which are full all time, so the actual result is that I can't play at all).

I know it's an alpha so bugs can be experienced to happen - for me though they won't - as I can't play (after just seven hours of gameplay alltogether) :-D
I would deeply appreciaate if I could play again. {F32470}


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Can't try to reproduce the error, as I can't play anymore.

Though I strongly suspect adding Map_ChernarusN either to the inventory or the quick bar, or to both, might be the cause.

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Edit - the server display issue seems to have another cause. I just found a notice that *today* the weekly maintenance period has been extend far beyond the expected 3 hours from 0700 MET. Scheduled finish time of maintenance period is now 1800 MET.

Sorry - started another post on this same error - missed this one till now

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Hello 269091 and thank you for the report.
The map pieces were recently removed from the game, however they remained in the player inventories. The map should not work any more since only the full map spawns now. Disposing of the map should solve the problem and no error should appear.