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The "Weapon Glitch" aka "Gun glitch" , juggling, dancing, skating, looped weapon change animation
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I'm surprised that searching "gun glitch" didn't turn up the result I was expecting, seeing as most players refer to this extremely common glitch as the "gun glitch" or "weapon glitch"

Every once in a while, you will encounter a player who is stuck in the animation of a player stood up and switching weapons. This is extremely annoying since

  • you can not see whether the player is holding a weapon or pointing it at you
  • you can not see whether the player is firing the weapon
  • you can not see whether the player is standing, crouched or prone (if player is prone you will miss when shooting point blank at his head)
  • you do not know what weapon the player is holding
  • you can't get a clear indication of how the player is moving, since it looks like he is ice-skating along the road

It turns out not everyone will see the same player doing this glitch.
Player A will see player B do it, but Player C and D do not
Player C sees player A do it, but players B and D do not
And so on.

The only way to "fix it" is if the affected player changes weapons. This can, in turn, create the same glitch for a different player.
Player A sees player B do it, Players C and D do not.
Player B switches weapons
Player C sees player B do it, players A and D do not.

The overall result of this is that you can not be friendly to an affected player because you can not judge his actions at all. It can also mean a serious disadvantage in a fire-fight, since a prone player looks like he's standing. Also, being prone or crouched behind a concealment is pointless, since some players can see your head (since they see you as standing, not crouched)


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Steps To Reproduce

It is believed that it is necessary to "double carry" rifles to reproduce this, though I'm not so sure.

Randomly switch weapons until player is stuck in animation loop.

Additional Information

This glitch has been around since 0.49 at least, if not longer!!

See this video for reference (jump to 12:00 minute mark and watch the following 30 seconds)

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Hello ColonelBurton and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#415) and it has been scheduled for a fix.