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[Primary Report] Weapons In Hand and Inventory VERY Frequently Disappear | New Bug - (0.58.129052)
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Half a dozens friends on Exp right now, just after the latest 0.58.129052 update. All have reported pretty much every single weapon they have picked up, disappears from their hands and/or inventory after a few minutes!

Everyone of them have lost multiple weapons in a short time.

On /r/dayz the Exp Unofficial Update Report shows "Multiple" players reporting the same bug.


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Pick up a weapon and run around. It will randomly disappear after a while.

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Can confirm. This needs to be fixed asap!

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Confirmed to. If you have a backpack it goes in there. But if you are a freshy with a handgun and no backpack, then it is gone forever. Happend 3 times for me in 15 min.

Yeah in a gunfight when my gun dissappeared ;(

Just noted same problem, 7 occasions 2 different weapons, always while moving weapon in hands re-slings or re-holsters if room otherwise drops on ground.

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to actually help with this... it drops near you.

dropped outside of a house when I was in it and yea dropped in a field had to backtrack exactly to find it.

It's happening solid as since the latest patch.

I refuse to play its dropping my gun even while aiming.

Same problem here, it keeps making me put the weapon away, eventually it will just do it and then the weapon disappears.

Also experiencing this. I have found that items as well as weapons can disappear in the same way. Today I was in a building and was trying to pick up a pair of glasses I found. I had no space in my inventory so I removed some rags from my bag to make space for the glasses and the rags disappeared when I dropped them.

yes this is a big problem seeing it in live streams and in my own game needs to be fixed before stable for sure asap.

thanks dev's

When i put MP5 to my backpack, it is shown in backpack and also shown on my back... i think it is related to this bug. so i cannot carry another gun on my back.

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The weapons doesnt disappear. The weapon is dropped to the ground randomly it seems, from time to time.

Sometimes it doesn't disappear yes, but I had it happen 3 times in a row. After picking it back up the first two, it disappeared on the third.

exp is unplayble with this bug..

i experienced that a weapon is dropped or put back into the inventory when you ress the key to toggle your view, maybe related

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this need to be fixed asap, it ruins the exp

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for a period of maybe 5 minutes I could reproduce it by going into Inventory and swap my main guns. A cr75 and a blaze. Everytime I swapped the guns he putted the first gun away, took out the second gun and after maybe 2-3 secs he putted the second gun into inventory. I did this till the "cant take something into hands" bug appeared. The cr75 stayed in my hands and I couldnt lay it into my inventory. By drinking a swap out of my waterbottle he putted the cr75 visually into inventory, but after that I couldnt take it into my hands again. So I relogged and the cr75 was gone. Didnt find it on the ground or in may inventory. Didnt move while I was trying this whole stuff so it had to be on the floor right where I stand.

posted this in another thread but Ill add to it here as well

Hey guys, I have noticed that this may be an issue caused by "network bubble" interactions?

I play on 1st person exp and double carried 2 weapons from cherno to the NWAF on a mostly empty server without ever dropping either weapon. At the NWAF the bug suddenly occurs and I think that is suspicious so I hide.

Low and behold a player shows up soon after (soon enough that he could be running from the peremiter of the bubble into where I was. Because I was at the tent city it is reasonable to guess that he ran there in the amount of time from the bug occuring to seeing him there.

So I kill him and he is a clan memeber of a clan that had 2 guys on earlier. After looting him and looting around I suddenly get the bug again, on checking the server list his clanmate has now logged on, I suspected he told his friend who was nearby to log and try and get me. I was spooked so I ran but I feel like thats what was happening.

The only other time I have experienced the bug was in elektro near other players.

I can confirm Shagohads report.

Every time it's happened to me and every time I've seen it happen while watching a streamer, it was just before an encounter with another player or spotting one close by.

Makes me wonder if it's related to the hand bug fix or trying to fix desync of doors and the like appearing in different states to different people.

I also can confirm that this only happens when another player comes within ~ 400 meters of your position. It will force your weapon to be "put away" onto your back from your hands, and if you already have a primary weapon on your back, the weapon in your hands will be dropped to the ground.

This has been tested by my group about a dozen times in the last two days. Sometimes it was members of our own group meeting up and other times it resulted in encounters with other players in high traffic areas, such as the Myshkino and Kamensk military areas.

This is a HUGE bug, not only because of the inconvenience of having your weapon slung or dropped at inopportune times, but also because it effectively gives players ESP since it allows them to know when other players are in the vicinity.

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My experience with it.
Went AFK to roll a smoke with my gun raised
I was keeping an eye on my screen and eventually my character puts his weapon away - No input from me for a good 3-5 minutes.

Similar to what others are saying, I was waiting for a player to leave the church, aiming at door waiting for them to finally come out - the moment they open the door to the church they were in, my character puts his gun away.

I suspect (tho Im completely talking out my ass) that it has something to do with fixing the animation cycling? they mentioned it as something they wanted to fix and maybe the server is now performing a check on players weapon satus and its just not working properly so its forcing the player to holster the weapon (holstering a weapon then redrawing it fixed the cycling issues between players in my experience)

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Just adding this from the forum:

"From all the experience that I had in 0.58 and the many guns and binoculars that I have lost, it looks like the source of the bug (not the gun holstering, that seem to be a network issue and players around you) has to do with changing items in your hands while in an animation. From reports of friends and mine, if you are in the middle of an animation and decide to change items in hand, or if you do it right after completing the animation (but due to desync the server thinks you are still in the middle of it), you get 2 items in your hand, one of which you can't see and the other that you can see (when you open your inventory) but not interact with it (like putting it on the ground or on your inventory).

Since then, I have been taking a couple seconds between each action (like drinking, eating, putting my gun or any item away, or cutting trees). I also stopped using the hotbar to switch items, I first open inventory, press X to remove item/gun from hands and only after a second I press the hotkeys to get the other item I want.

I have not lost anything else after adopting that behaviour."

Think it might help.

8 squad mates and I were playing tonight on the new update (20th Aug 2015) for around 8hrs straight, only 1 of us lost a weapon :)
Sadly it was me, and it was a suppressed AUG with a 60 mag :(

*Method* - I clicked the Red X in my inventory to holster the AUG. It was showing on my back in 3PP view and in my inventory, but it was also showing in vicinity. I tried swapping and changing weapons dozens of times for a few minutes, until I decided to re-logged... Weapon Deleted :(