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You can't look up enough. Limits a lot of 1st person view.
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In 0.58 you introduced this limited looking. Now you can't look up. I believe you tried this to fix some 3rd person exploits but it currently just limits view a lot, especially 1st person view. Looking up is way too limited and buggy for now.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Try to look up and see how limited it's. Check the video for more.
  • Free look to left or right up and see how the view gets always centered up to the center and up even if you're only moving the mouse up on the right or left. Check the video to see what I mean.
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The video (sorry for the audio):

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Linking to forum topic about this as well.

Very very very bad and non realistic.

Please fix.

This restriction to the vertical camera panning makes it very frustrating to use the stars for nighttime navigation.

I can understand the limit for 3pp, but it really makes 1pp frustrating.

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Hello St. Jimmy and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue, however it cannot be fixed right now due to certain limitations. This will be fixed later on in upcoming stages of development.