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Memory Leak
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I was playing 0.58 when it started freezing every 5 seconds after tabbing out for a while.
I checked the task manager and it showed DayZ.exe using 2GB of memory and rising! I closed the game and received a memory could not be written error.
I relaunched the game and watched task manager again the memory was gradually rising
Memory usage increased faster while in game and slower on the menus, it grew as I returned to the main menu from the server browser and as I repeated.
Seems like a load of unhandled game object pointers somewhere as it's mainly increasing when new objects are loaded.

*After reinstalling the same thing is happening. Memory was at one point seen at 3GB where it seems to plateau. I am no longer getting the massive fps drops every couple of seconds though, everything runs smoothly even at 2-3GB of memory usage...

Best of luck {F32323} {F32324} {F32325} {F32326} {F32327}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Change scenes by entering and returning from the server browser
  • Or join a server and run around a bit

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Geez added a comment.Aug 4 2015, 12:27 PM

Hello malborojones.
Please attach contents of your C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\DayZ to this ticket. In case the files cannot be uploaded due to size, use some kind of cloud site from which we can easily download the files.

There you go. I was able to produce this again on the most recent 0.58 build. Memory usage starts at roughly 7GB and then increases gradually as I play, quicker at first.


Geez added a comment.Aug 5 2015, 3:31 PM

Hello malborojones.
According to the files, you are using these startup parameters: -noSplash -noPause -cpuCount=6 -exThreads=5 -maxMem=2048 -maxVram=2048. Please remove all of these parameters, as we do not support the parameters and they cause various issues within the game (memory crashes,low fps and such). Once removed, try playing the latest exp and let me know if the issue still occurs.

Doh! I thought I had removed them a while ago. It didn't help unfortunately, memory is reaching nearly 3GB again in the latest exp. Here's those files again after the latest session -

Geez added a comment.Aug 6 2015, 10:45 AM

Hello malborojones.
It appears that the files (both the latest and the previous ones) are quite dated. Could you please delete the appdata contents and send us freshly generated ones once you experience the issue again?

Ok, I deleted the whole folder and played for a bit. Same thing is happening. I've attached the files but there's barely anything in the folder after last nights session, not sure if it's meant to be that sparse?


Geez added a comment.Aug 7 2015, 1:53 PM

There are no crash dumps in the latest file, so I suppose the game did not crash with an error message this time? To determine the issue, we are going to need the logs produced upon crash with error message.

The crash happens when I close the game in any way - from the main menu or alt-tab and close, sorry I forgot to mention that in the main post. I checked the folder again after the error but there was nothing new there. The game has never actually crashed while playing, performance is pretty good even with the abnormal memory usage!?

If it is a problem, I also get error message upon closing the game in any way.

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Micho added a comment.Sep 3 2015, 9:31 PM

Same here