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Heli crash Sites Dissapearing
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Twice now I have found a crash site, looked around it, left then returned about 5 mins later to loot it to find it was gone. I have also ran up to a site and just watch it disappear before my eyes. This bug does not always happen.


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Find crash site, look around it then leave, return 5 mins later and see if it is still there.

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I believe crash sites now are on a timer and are supposed to despawn and respawn elsewhere.

@Beav if the behavior is intended then this might tie into a feature request to have the choppers only despawn if players aren't within xxx meters of the crash site. It's pretty immersion-breaking, otherwise.

Beav added a comment.Jul 25 2015, 2:07 AM

If the choppers couldnt despawn if someone was close, I guess clans could harvest the one chopper again and again for ages if someone is logged in all the time.

That's assuming loot respawns at choppers. I'm not sure that's the case?

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They should despawn with an explo0sion or something.

Not just magical fade out.

And dynamic heli crash is great fun in the mod. Imagine a heli fly by and crashing right behind the next hill.

Basy40 added a subscriber: Basy40.May 8 2016, 11:18 PM

Had this same problem on two different servers. it's either a bug or it's tied to a timer to give the impression that they're "dynamic"