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Lootapaloozas on roads and at Police Departments
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Lower Berezino had 3 lootapaloozas wihin a few metres of each other. There were 2 just outside of the PD and then down the road a bit between the PD and Piano house at the bus stop. The PD wasn't vacant of loot either, inside was spawning loot correctly.

The loot was on the ground and also floating in mid air. Books, shoes, backpacks, and guns.
I had a mate on the same AU experimental server and he had the same issue at Svetlo at the back of that PD and in the middle of the main road.

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man, they gotta fix that soon otherwise their central economy will be ruined by these lootsplosions

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Also happening in Gorka, Novy Sobor, Stary Sobor, Kabanino. That I have seen so far.

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These are in so many towns. It is crazy. Seems towns they are in do not spawn loot (or very rarely) anywhere else, it is all just spawning in these large piles. This should be a priority fix, its messing looting up quite a bit at the moment. It seems to be related to the removal of wrecks.

You are seeing this because of where the police cars would spawn. The car wont show up but the loot does. its a glitch in the new central loot economy. I sent in a report as well. My big problem with them is that there going to make the servers crash while playing and will make the game unplayable again. Servers cant handle that much loot.

I have seen one in Vybor with a police car. The police car disappeared in front of my eyes after a while and the lootsplotion stays.

@Baranock what? Please report that

maybe devs are playing with that, trying all the car positions, or it is a glitch...

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Godammit... That's where all my books went! lol

Yes these need to get addressed soon or they will cause problems with the CLE.

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Hello JMan and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0026230), it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.