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Crash to desktop, while organizing inventory.
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Initially, the screen froze and I received a Virtual Machine Exception error (see attached screenshot). After I acknowledged this message, I received a memory fault. Sorry, I took a screenshot of this error too, but for some reason it did not save to my disk. {F32093} {F32094} {F32095}


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Don't know. I was crouched in a deer stand at the time, organizing my personal inventory.

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Spawned outside of deer stand. Went back into deer stand to get out of rain. Opened inventory. Placed mouse cursor over compass to check condition. Game froze. Received the same Virtual Machine Exception error. Selected the "Ignore" option on the VM Exception error text box. The VM error went away and then received an Application Error message. See attached.

Important: I was running the -newui startup parameter while I was experiencing these crash issues. I removed -newui and that solved my problem. Please advise if you need my msinfo and DxDiag files.

Geez added a comment.Jul 2 2015, 3:31 PM

Hello BleedoutBill.
Could you please send us your appdata contents? ( C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\DayZ )

Similar issue: Repeatable (twice), sorry no screenshot of errors.
Running DayZ SA w/-newui on experimental.
Crouched at small green trailer that spawns items underneath on all four sides.
Hit the inventory key; the screen freezes and that little twirling Windows "clocking" animation pops up where the mouse cursor should be. At that point it's game over... alt tab out to a couple of virtual machine errors and the game then shuts down completely.
Logged back in and repeated same errors. Attempted to take screen shot of virtual memory errors in win8.1 but it did not work.

Requested files uploaded.

I needed to just open the inventory while having a compass in vicinity. Restarted game, different server, same house, compass on another table and another crash.

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Hello BleedoutBill.
Do you still experience the issue at this moment?

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I can confirm this issue still happening in current exp. If i open inventory when compass is nearby (and should be shown), game displays the error message as shown on screenshot file "Bug exp 0.58 part 2.png". I have only tested it with -newui enabled.

Error: Call nonexistent function on class 'Object'
Class: 'ContainerVicinity'
Function: 'GetItems'
Top trace frame: Scripts/GUI/InventoryContainer.c:1218

I just got a crash to desktop with the virtual machine error followed by a memory error. I have never gotten this particular error before, and it happened after I enabled the new inventory by adding "-newui" to launch options. At the exact time of the crash to desktop, I was merely running across a field, not looking at the inventory. One or two minutes prior I was looting som cars.
I have uploaded a screenshot of the error, .png titled "Namnlös".

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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