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Unconsciousness appears bugged, player non-responsive to treatments, no status feedback when help is administered
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I was knocked unconscious in a Berezino Port crane tower, after having killed and stripped another player. Fresh player came up the ladder and punched 3-4 times after I had bandaged from single 9mm shot from previously killed player. A team mate shot the fresh player who knocked me out, and another came up to revive me. There was no bleeding, and any treatments that could be rendered, including epi-pen and saline, were of no effect.


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Get knocked unconscious, possibly in an elevated position, and see if revival is possible.

Additional Information

Was able to press escape and see the player assisting me while I was unconscious.

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Hello emuthreat and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.