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[CRITICAL] Firing a weapon sometimes gets only registered on the client side, making it look like the bullets do not work
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It's kind of hard to explain, so please watch this video:


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I believe this is related to the energized/hydrated status not updating until relog.

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I've noticed the same thing. First I thought it was up to me or Internet. but now I see that this is a global problem.

Any suspicion is deffinetly worth looking at.

Yes. Person shot gets screen flash grey but doesn't die. I experienced this on both sides. Probably if shot person relogs shortly after that he will recieve the blood and health loss, sometimes leading to unonciousness (sometimes permanent unconciousness). Happened to me.

I unloaded an entire ak74 magazine into a guy 25 meters away... He didn't die, I was freaking out because I know I hit him I saw blood splatter or maybe I thought the damage on the ak was completely nerfed, but then I slowly started firing shot by shot and finally he died.

Glad other people are getting this too so it can be fixed. Hopefully with the next hotfix patch/major update

It's related to bugged statuses.

i.e if you're shooting at someone who has a bugged status, they're invincible because their health/bleeding/hunger/thirst has not updated.

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This explains a LOT.

I thought this was just simply a sync issue, but after running some experiments at close range, it's visible that something is very wrong with hit detection.

I apologize as I don't have any other info to submit, but I hope this gets taken seriously as I consider it a critical bug as well.

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Yesterday I've emptied 75 rounds AKM mag in one guy, he didn't die and I got killed.

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Yesterday we had a guy die on login. Seemingly it was by gunshot as the bloddspatter was visible, but people around him heard no gunshot and no enemy was to be found. My theory is that this was caused by an accumulated health status change that did not happen until he relogged just like updating statusses from eating and drinking can be bugged until relogging.

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Hello _M4Z_TeR_ and thank you for the report.
We have confirmed the issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.

No problem.

I think this is related to the character health status not updating, meaning no matter how many times you eat or drink, the hydrated and energized statuses won't change until relogging and when you do, the actions you did will now affect. Thi happened to me yesterday when I got stuffed to the red status.

Just a bump incase devs have fixed the issue

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Hello _M4Z_TeR_.
The issue has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.