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M4´s Too Rare
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Hello Guys, I was at a heli crash-site then i switched 70+ times the server.NO M4´s its your intent?or is it a bug?


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70 server switches? really? Mother of God... this world is crazy. ;)

I have found no M4's as well. Plenty of Augs. I have also found no AK style weapons at all either.

I don't believe M4s or UMP45s are spawning atm.
Should prob not server hop (in stable) 70+ smh.

In fact I could see that note as it's own report: Players are able to server hop 70+ with little to no consequence.

Not don't agree with the guy above me. Because server hop HAS consequences. I know, no special consequences like back in some of the first versions where you had to wait 500 seconds or so.
I think those 60 seconds you have to wait after EVERY server change are ok.

No offence, but id rather the game be filled with authentic non military weapons than have 1000 kiddies run around blasting m4's at each other down the coast. If they are rare, then so be it. Obviously if they are not spawning that is an issue and I understand what you mean but being "too rare" isn't an issue tbh. Plenty of other guns to find and use.

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I believe the M4s were removed temporarily. (Don't quote me on this).

I have come across AKs and mags however. So automatics are around.

I also prefer that full auto be kept to an absolute minimum to avoid the kiddies spraying them everywhere. Played with probably 40 people for fairly long term. Not one has complained about lack of full-auto, but more complained about non authentic weapons or weapon spawns.

Done hundreds of helis, no m4. Don't think they exist. Would like to shoot one just once at least to see what it's like...otherwise, the idea of having to stick around helis just to find ammo for a gun seems ludicrous to me.

"Would like to shoot one just once at least to see what it's like"
Ah... I wish you could play early versions of Dayz (first months after release) - M4 and mosins. I'm sick of them.;)