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New inventory or something (not pristine gear) causing players to survive way more damage (not pristine gear)
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I've been fighting a lot in this patch and what I found out is that it takes a lot more shots to kill a player. Situations:

  1. 4 sks shots into a chest of a truck driver, distance 30m, first 3 shots only damaged his gear, fourth shot created a blood splash indicating runied gear and blood and health damage, this man survived, 100% sure all shots hit(truck was not moving, short range, clear shot, no sway).
  1. 6 ak74 hits into the back of a player standing still, he survived that, took at least 3 more ak74 shots to die. Range of those 5 shots around 6m.

I concluded that problems with killing players reliably in this patch are caused by statuses not updating. Those players will usually take damage upon relog.

  1. I took 3 headshots from a distance of 650m (seen the man shooting, all of those shots hit me, all of them messed up my aim. I survived without a blood or health loss, my motorbike helmet was damaged. I was also using a gas mask (due to a bug it can be worn with motorbike helemt) I didnt check condition of that item.
  1. 2 point blank winchester hits, both chest (no arm or leg hits), enemy survived, didn't go unconcious
  1. Asside from those situations I've seen videos of a player surviving 200m wichester headshot by using a gorka helmet. That player didn't go unconcious. In every fight since the patch I and my fellowe tester friends have noticed increased amount of shots required to kill a player. We fought more than 80 players since the patch.

6.Forgot about last one. Shot 6 ak74 bullets into the but (maybe butt counts as legs) and back of laying player. He proceeded to crouch, turn around and start spraying me too. Sprayed him with 12 more bullets before going unconcious. He died, I survived, he shot 14 at me, he might have missed around 20% of those sh0ts.


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Edit: I believe this is caused by very heavy desync. Statuses of hit player are not updating. The same issue causes damage taken on login (statuses update and the player takes the damage he should have taken earlier. It seems that the same issue with updating statuses causes players to be unable to wake up from unconciousnes. Some fight go down completly normaly and sometimes there is no truble with killing someone and sometimes I'm the one who tanks 20+ ak bullets. Something is off.

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Yup, something is definitely amiss in this patch. I've seen a guy get shot in the head from 5 feet away with an AK74, and just fall unconscious. Not sure if it's intentional, or not. I'd be surprised if it's intentional as it's definitely immersion-breaking.

I haven't noticed much. But there have been complaints in the past that players die too quickly from gunshots. So maybe that's what we" re seeing.

Even headshots in real life dont kill 100% of the time.

On a news cast, I've seen where someone gets shot straight through the chest and doesn't even realize until 10 seconds after. And dies around 10 min, later.

If there was a change in the patch, maybe its better?

@warcryr, yeah, it's possible that they're trying to simulate the adrenaline rush that keeps people going even though they've been mortally wounded. It's a very interesting topic because depending on how you look at it, it could be considered either more realistic (simulating adrenaline) or more "gamey" (tank mode activate!).

I reported because I'm not sure if it's intentional. To add to the examples yesterday I shot a guy 6 times with magnum, he didn't die. It's a new record for me.

@borsuk3344, the more I play, the more I doubt it's intentional. Last night I played for 2 hours+ (had a great time, too), but noticed that I never had to drink or eat. Towards the end, I got opened up on at close range with an AK74. My screen flashed gray a few times, so I know I was hit.

My vest went from Damaged-->Ruined and that was it. Everything inside was fine. I didn't bleed, and lost no health. I had full color.

Same as me when I got those 3 headshots. No blood loss, no health loss. Even if it was because statuses didn't update my screen should be grey but it wasn't

I can totally confirm that. Sometimes it's ok, but mostly (almost always) gun dmg is broken.

I've noticed with the Ak74 I can put 5 to 6 shots into a Zombie with little effect but a double tap with a CR75 drops it like a rock.

only thing that was altered about the status updates were the schedulers I believe.

Some people suggested it might be happening because ticks for players sometimes don't happen. When the server is heavily loaded or in som other situation. "forced 1 tick per frame, tick overflows... I guess that's what's happening. This usually happens to populated servers." or something similiar

Please make this priority.

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It seems like players must see "You are unconscious" first in most cases. and later 'you are dead'. But i dont think you can get healthy in the forest after get shot in the breast.

Still the same in 0.58. Not sure if desync is the culprit. Although on this same patch, I've seen 1 point blank shot from a sks into the backpack of a player standing in front of me ruin their backpack, vest, top, and kill them, and ruin all the gear in the ruined items inventories. I've also seen multiple headshots be survived because of radar caps, and berets. Battlefield 4 sniper rifles kill in 1 shot to the face, Dayz should if anything be harsher. Something is definitely odd here. I also took a clean chest shot from a winchester, which only ruined my gear and did very little damage to my character.

I have noticed some of these but not as serious as some you experienced, but maybe that depends on the Server.

SO, in my case the guy became unconcious after i put half a mag from an mp5 into him. We took him hostage and rob him kind of...another guy after this incident died from nearly the same amount of mp5 bullets. strange...