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yellow box takes up too many slots
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the yellow protector case takes up 6 slots instead of 4 making it a useless item. also the first aid kit only has 4 slots also making it a useless item.


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picked up several yellow boxes and first aid kits all having same effect.

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Agreed cannot see any reason to use these items anymore, may as well just put the individual items straight in to your inventory as it is easier to access the items without having to open the case/first aid kit first.

@zaqmaster as it stands there is no advantage at all in using the above items therefore your idea becomes obsolete for these items in their current state.

Voted down.
In my opinion 6 Slots for the yellow box is OK!

In real life you would never be able to put "6 slot items" in a box with "4 slots".

yes but this is not a simulator as many have stated so "in real life" dose not apply. but "in real life" items do not take up inventor slots you can fit as many items as you wish in to the boxes in order to better organize things in your pack. i would us one of these boxes to keep cameras an what not in it but at the same time i can keep batteries and other small items in it to keep them dry. that would be the only reason "in real life" that i would actually use one. so in this game the advantage for the yellow box, first aid kit, and ammo box, would be that you can fit more of similar items in to a slightly smaller inventory area. any person who has backpacked will tell you that organization is key, the better organized you are the more items you can carry. hence the 6 slot box taking up only 4 inventory in a pack. in saying that i wish that they had more containers and a labeling system to organize ones pack. its rather annoying that time was wasted on changing something in the game that was working perfectly when so many other things need mending, it makes the devs look as if they are running in the dark.

Ammo box is the same its been reduced from 8 slots to 4 and takes up 4 slots, there should be some "advantage" to using these items otherwise they are just obsolete. Agree that how they worked BEFORE this patch was how they should work now.

Ya, if those changes were "intended" then you might as well remove them from the game.

Useless items now.

Protector case protects gear. I'm fine with that.

It really doesn't make sense to have more slots on the inside than the slots it takes up. In reality, you can't have more space inside a container than the space the container fills.

I think you're all just accustomed to how it use to be, even though it didn't make sense.

In reality putting a lot of small items in to one case could take up less room as you would remove all packaging product documentation etc. also you could probably pack them more densely than on their own.
Therefore a six slot case that only takes up four slots does make more sense.

Let me rephrase that and see what you think:

"In reality, putting a lot of small items in to one SLOT could take up less room as you would remove all packaging..."

In reality, there is no more room in a container than there is in the space the container fills.

I agree, but this is a game and there has to be an advantage in using an item otherwise there is no point in having that item. How the yellow cases, Med. bags & ammo boxes were before 0.57 just worked and I think they had the correct balance between been useful items to acquire and not holding ridicules amounts of loot.

Geez added a comment.Jun 16 2015, 4:19 PM

Hello ShadyLurker and thank you for the report.
Due to recent changes, the cases take the same amount of slots as they can hold.