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No Place Holder for items been used from iventory (IE weapons)
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Example: 1911 held in inventory (takes up four spaces). You select the weapon this puts it in your hands (There are now four empty spaces in your inventory where the 1911 was stored, if you then take an item IE can of beans it "may" put the can of beans in the four place slot where the 1911 was (Even though there may be a single slot available else where). This now means that if you de-select the 1911 (Take it out of your hands) it drops to the floor and can be lost.


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Take item from inventory and place in hands (IE pistol) put one item in the space that the pistol occupied (IE tin of beans), then deselect the item in hands. It will drop to floor rather than return to the inventory slot.

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If this is a game design change rather than a bug, then I feel it is a bad one the previous method was better where the item would stay in your inventory and the hand symbol would show to indicate that the item was in your hands, This reserved the space for the item to ensured that it would return to your inventory when de-selected and not the floor.

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i think its intended for now, but that doesnt mean this cant be improved anymore
the way it is prevents the item in your hands to get damaged, when you get hit at the cloting it is stored in
it did not make any sense that way before, and cause some people to become defenseless, as their pistol broke in their hands

imho, you should be able reserve inventoy slots for specific items (guns), which can be taken by other items (food) as long as the gun is held in the hands. if some food blocks the gun's slots, the food should be moved to free slots or droped to the ground (with a status message)
same could go for other items (like magazines), and would imo, even if it sounds complicated, greatly improve the invetory system

As it stands now it is easy to drop the weapon (Or any other object) That is in your hands to the ground without realising and end up loosing it. This is not realistic in real life you would not "accidentally" throw your weapon away and not know about it.

This has also happened with my main weapon (IE AK, mosin etc), It SHOULD return back on your shoulder but occasionally it is dropped to the floor.

This was the same or similar bug that we had in an earlier version but it was patched (So I do not understand the vote down). Also if you have a weapon in your hand then climb in to the truck the weapon is dropped to the floor instead of been put back into your inventory.

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Hello -1PARA-Gramps and thank you for the report.
This is one of the changes that came with new inventory and is working as designed. The previous state with items in inventory and hands slot at the same time is no longer possible with the new inventory system and probably will not return into the game. However we are aware of your feedback and we are working on tweaking the system so players no longer lose items by mistake.