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Vehicles are currently not persistent
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Trucks are not remaining in the location where they were left. When the server resets, trucks are returning to their original spawn locations. I verified this with four separate trucks on the same server.


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Steps To Reproduce

One truck was lost underwater and returned to original spawn.
Three other trucks were removed from their orignal spawn points for varying amounts of time: 3.5 hours, 3 hours, and 1 hour, (approximately).
All trucks returned to original spawn points in Msta, Staroye, Vybor and Lopatino.
All trucks were parked for more than 1/2 hour before server reset.
Will attempt to verify on different server.

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Hello Bytor and thank you for the report.
Persistence has been turned off on purpose due to certain issues which need to be fixed. Persistence should return back to Steam servers soon.