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Small Protector Case and First Aid Kit - Slot uselessness
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Like some of you already have noticed: The "Small Protector Case" has a capacity of 6 lots (like it used to have before) but now takes 6 Slots in the inventory (3x2). In contrary the "First Aid Kit" takes 4 Slots in the inventory (like it used to before) but now has capacity of only 4 Slots instead of 6 Slots. That (hopefully it is a) bug makes both items kind of useless.


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Also heard that the Ammo-Box has a similar problem, but have no proof of that.

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well the case and the fak still protect it items in it from damage, so it might be intended (but hopefully it is not for the fak)

I'm betting they're refactoring the code so that the containers share more logic.

You're correct. The ammobox is currently acting the same as a "Small Protector Case", only 4 slots and you can put anything in it.

same prob with Attachable Pouches
Size: 10 Slots (5x2) [before: 8 Slots (4x2)]
Capacity: 10 Slots (5x2)
can't put in almost any backpack -_-

I can see changing the Protector Case (its purpose is more for protection of items) and the attachable pouches (intended as an attachment, not standalone storage), but the changes to the Ammo Box and Medkit make no sense. There's absolutely no point in using either one as you could just hold the equipment you would be carrying inside in the same amount of slots, but it is easier to access while not in a container.
IMO they should definitely change the Ammo Box and Medkit back, the Attachable Pouches and Protector Case could go either way I suppose.