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Game needs Easter Eggs - of well known urban legends/virals
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This game could implement Easter Eggs.
Things that are infamously viral, such as:

  1. Seeing a Double Rainbow in the skyline.
  2. Maybe a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) walking through the woods.
  3. HeadOn for your medical supplies
  4. Amazons: Three wolf moon T-Shirt (MUST HAVE)!!!!!

Hopefully others can aspire more ideas.


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Not a bug?... Someone (YOU) maybe NOT HAVE ANY EYES?!!!

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Think before you speak next time.

hadot added a subscriber: hadot.May 8 2016, 10:53 PM

this is a terrible idea

You wouldn't want to see bigfoot walking through the woods?

Also i'd like to just say... I don't so much have an issue with this being under 'feature request' as much as i have issue with it being a really bad/stupid idea.

Are you, Seth Macfarlane? (Stop watching Family Guy.)
Making "references" is not the same as being funny, it is not enough to be called "humour",

References also only work for the short time they are relevant... When you jam something full of pop-culture references that were famous during a specific week/month -- it helps to date something very quickly.

Look at all those retarded american 'comedy' movies, that only children find funny, and then they forget about them. [ Just look up any Jason Friedberg movie and you will hopefully understand what i mean. ]
Relevant for about a week, now nobody ever talks about it except in examples of how bad/dated it is and how it lacks any "jokes". (like this)

Compare that to a 'classic' comedy, the humour is not a bunch of flavour of the week 'references'.


Bigfoot is not the flavor of the week.
It's an urban legend that has been around for a very long time.

Examples are just examples. You are taking things way too literally.

Easter Eggs are secret. Perhaps there are already plenty across the map, but you haven't yet found them?

There are a few Eggs that I do know of:

  1. Evil Santa in the Chimney
  2. Blair Witch formation in the woods
  3. Shape of a giant person. (can be seen aerial view.

Some people might say there are others, but I wouldn't really consider them Eggs.

I would like to see more Eggs in the Physical sense. Objects, not just an image.

I was actually working off your original list which included such 'classics' as:
Honey Badger
Dancing Baby
Nyun Cat
Rage comics
Amazons: Three wolf moon T-Shirt (MUST HAVE)!!!!!
Charlie the Unicorn walking through the woods.

But you are correct, bigfoot is not a 'flavour of the month', it is indeed a classic trope. But it still has nothing to do with dayz?

The majority of these, however, are 'flavour of the month' (hey guis remember the DANCING BABY from 1997? - flavour of the month 10 years ago); a lot of these things are going to be hit-or-miss for a large proportion of the playerbase (excluding (obviously) things like bigfoot or the loch-ness-monster for example).

So you have to (if you have any idea how business / game design works) weigh up why would it be a good idea to take up developer time to model, texture, animate and create logic for these new mobs considering you still haven't even given a purpose for this 'idea'.

'examples are just examples'
Thanks for that, that did make me smirk.

I totally agree! All this Easter egg talk, brings me an idea. I agree It would be so cool to be running and come across the Easter bunny hiding Easter eggs in the woods or around towns for all the kids of chernarus to hunt Easter morning. Great idea !

Just so we're clear as well, i'm not having a go at you personally...

So you can understand why i agree with the guy saying 'this is a terrible idea':

...Of your original 'examples' bigfoot and the dancing baby are the only ones i have even heard of, and i feel neither of them is appropriate in dayz.

Easter eggs are just that.
They serve no purpose.

Your idea about the Loch Ness monster is an excellent one.

I removed the examples I felt were not good. Such as the dancing baby.

...and what if you came across a rabbit, and he was holding an easter egg!
How awesome would that be?!

As you say, they and this discussion serves no purpose...

..But it would cost money to implement.

8.5/10 for troll, thanks dayz community using this bugtracker as it was intended for.

No more money than what it cost to put an Evil Santa inside a chimney.
No more money than what it cost to put sticks in the woods, shaped like a witching hour.

Ehh...some easter eggs are cool but IMO they should not be references memes/"flavor of the month" things. Like the ghosts and radio signal at Green Mountain, the fallen statue that you can find in the woods, the Blair Witch Project reference, the big trails making an image of a person, and that sign where the terrain glitch used to be. Things like that are good. Bigfoot maybe, but obviously not a priority. And a double rainbow is something that can actually happen (although rarely) in real life, so that would be fine.