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Large tent has no option to pack up
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Found a large tent on SE 0-2, set it up, then decided to move it, however could find no option to pack it up. List shows open/close window/door but no pack tent option


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I have experienced the same problem on the small tent, twice today. Not possible to pack it again after deploying (exp 0.57)

Did you have items in the tent?

My tents were empty. There were, however, items on the ground in the vicinity.

In Exp .57 last night, I packed up a small tent but the area where the option displays has changed. You have to go in and look up to the right.

A bit like how V3S open door options moved, did someone make a change to the object coords system?

Nothing was in the tent.

Geez added a comment.Jun 10 2015, 4:16 PM

Hello joma126.
The action area for packing the tent should be available inside of the tent while looking towards its roof as can be seen on this screenshot Could you please retest this and let me know whether that works for you or not?