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secondary weapon disappearing when climbing a ladder or vaulting
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When climbing down a ladder from a deer stand I had a MP5 in my hands with sufficient place in the backpack to fit it in. On the back I was carrying a rifle.
Arriving at the bottom of the ladder the hotbar indicated the gun is available.
When pressing the corresponding hotbar key the gun did not show up in my hands.
A look into the inventory showed the gun was gone. Searching the MP5 on and around the deerstand wasn't successfull. The empty places in the backpack were not accessible, so I assumed the gun still to be there. dropping the backpack and taking it up again did not change anything.
After relogging the gun was still gone but the empty spaces in the backpack were accessible again. Another search around the deer stand didn't bring up the MP5 again.
Earlier that day I had a similar issue after vaulting over a small concrete wall. There relogging showed the gun in the inventory again.
A little later on the same server I could not take pants from a shelf or interact with those. So i dropped my pants to the floor and could put on the pants from the shelf. My dropped pants disappeared, with the two mp5 magazines in it. As I had lost my Mp5 before, this wasn't that bad...
about 30 min later there was a scheduled restart of the server


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Steps To Reproduce

Have primary weapon on the back
have second primary weapon in hands with sufficient room in the backpack to fit it in
both weapons are assigned to hotkeys in the hotbar
climg a ladder
arriving at the end of the ladder the weapon ist not taken into hand again and has disappeared.

Additional Information

One might have to move items in the free space of the backpack and remove them from there again to securely reproduce. Definitely the place was empty when the gun was gone.
Server was experimental DE-0-2 1pp on May 28th in the afternoon

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I have lost quit a few weapons like this.

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Hello mji and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.