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Still cant find any loot in villages/towns
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Everywhere i go in the game no matter north or soyth, i can still never find any food, much less some clothes. I died 3 times in 2.5 hours from either dehydration or starvation. It used to be that you couldnt find much stuff in big cities but now (for me at least i dont know if anyone else has thissue) there is barely anything. This needs a fix as food is important for survival.


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Now thinking about it i did find clothes band the only food i found was canned tuna, but thats it.

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Get away from the coast. Pick apples on your way to avoid dehydration/starvation. I can assure you there is plenty of food even on high population servers. It's just not where everyone already looked.

I have this problem right now but not on experimental. It is a normal private hive server. There is nothing. I made it from Berezino, to Dubrovka, to Gorka, to Polana, to Shakhova, to Guglovo, to Novy Sobor eating apples and berries before dying of starvation. There was NO LOOT. and I mean nothing. No food, no clothes, not even useless items like wrenches and hammers. Not even boots. Nothing.

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There are things around. But there is very little of it as for food they should put a bit more of it in the game. I don't mind foraging, but the current system is very poor I wish they would implement a better system for picking fruit before reducing tinned food levels. And I'm not a farmer and I don't think many people are at the moment.

i am finding wool coats, raincoats, hard hats, basic jeans... In three days i found one canned food. There is just no variety in loot, the game is so boring now. You have to pick apples all the time. Some buildings doesn't respawn anything at all, or just the same items. I don't think that the game is intended to be boring. Would be much entertaining with much more loot. Maybe the loot is respawning under the floor or something... I have been from the coast to nort west towns and i found it really hard to even survive. Or is the intent of the game picking apples and drinking from the wells? Is it supposed to be fun, or not?

"Is it supposed to be fun, or not?"

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lets hope the new update fixes the loot because im tired of this loot bug in dayz.