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0.57 EXPERIMENTAL Game Crash
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Was looting up in Berezino - Which by the way looks AMAZING now... I'm not going to lie though my framerate is now very bad in Berezino but it looks so much better than before - and the game randomly crashed to desktop. Could have something to do with fps in that area now, not sure. {F31824}


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I do not have any startup parameters either and memory is set to "auto" ingame.

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Geez added a comment.May 28 2015, 9:36 AM

Hello blackwiddow20 and thank you for the report.
Could you please attach contents of your C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\DayZ to this ticket? In case the files could not be uploaded due to size, please upload them to some kind of cloud site from which we can easily download them.

Attached the files in a compressed folder. Hope this is sufficient if not let me know and I will upload to dropbox or something.

Geez added a comment.May 29 2015, 9:21 AM

This will be sufficient for now, thank you.

Geez also thought I'd mention on this ticket that when I exit the game I get this error:

"The instruction at 0x77a7df63 referenced memory at 0x000000014. The
memory could not be written.

Click on OK to terminate the program"

It's the same every time I exit.

EDIT: Attached my dayzprofile and cfg files too incase they would be handy for reference.

SauBuB added a subscriber: SauBuB.May 8 2016, 10:43 PM

This workaround helped me a lot and the problem you reported here never came back after one hour of playing.

2015-02-27 01:11

"My system has 8 GB of RAM and I had a swapfile of 1.0 GB in total. After increasing it to a - non-reasonable value - of 8 GB, DayZ does not crash anymore.

I believe it's a bug that DayZ, which is still a 32 Bit application, can somehow gather more than 4 GB of Ram from the system.

To circumvent, just temporarily increase your systems swap file so that you have at least 9 or 10 GB of (virtual) RAM."

I increased my swap file to 12GB. I have 8GB RAM by the way.

Geez added a comment.Sep 11 2015, 1:29 PM

Hello blackwiddow20.
Does the game still crash for you during gameplay (the exit game crash is a known issue)?.