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Pitch Fork cant be used to make Garden Plot or Dig tiles
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Your character cant use the pitch fork to make a garden plot or dig tiles in an existing garden plot.


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Pretty self explanatory.

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Not sure if this is deliberate or not however one would think if you can make a garden plot with a pick axe you should be able to do so with a pitch fork.

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Look at the items purpose: It's meant to move (and throw) loose plant material. It doesn't really work all that well on earth.

The pickaxe on the other side is for digging and can actually be used just like a hoe or even plough.

Fair enough point, though I would say I use my pitch fork at home to tear out grass, weeds, plants etc and overturn them to gain access to the soil. It can be easily used to build a small garden.

Anyways, doesnt really matter, if the intent was to limit the pitch fork strictly as a melee weapon im fine with that.

Geez added a comment.May 26 2015, 12:46 PM

Hello Stephen Harper and thank you for the report.
The pitchfork should not be usable for these actions, therefore everything is working as designed.