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Crafting Items disappear
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When crafting items they disappear but only if the item crafted is unable to fit onto character or into inventory. Ashewood Bow crafted from rope and Ash stick 2x times has failed when slots are unavailable on character. However, when there are open inventory slots crafting works as expected. This has also happened many times with bark and sticks for wood drill kit. The item crafted should be produced on the ground when inventory is full but never does show up.


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Fill inventory. craft an item such that the made item cannot fit into inventory.

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this happened to me with a cooking pot and gas stove.. pot would not fit in my inventory and disappeared.

Happened to me, found 2 tee shirts, tore them into rags with full inventory, rags did not appear in the vicinity. works if there is space in the inventory.

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I had a similar issue but with 2 available slots in my inventory. I tried to open a can of peach with a can opener. Once the action was completed, the can disappeared. I tried to make some space in my inventory and swapped a box of .22 with a heatpack (the box was in my pants, the heatpack in my backpack). The opened can appeared after the swap. I ate all the can but the box of .22 was replaced by a heatpack (I now had 2 heatpacks in my inventory). Both heatpacks seemed to be the same (I moved one to another slot but it's the second one that really moved). I swapped the heatpack with a lockpick and the box of .22 reappeared. Everything was back to normal.

confirmed for improvised backpack. found a piece of rope after two hours of searching, only to have the backpack disappear upon building -.-

This happens with any item that you craft. Including Guns. An easy example is to take the Trombone have it in your pack and already have another rifle in the slot such as a winchester. Then Assemble the Trombone and it will just completely disappear. Another way to do this is the reverse. Have a Trombone in hand with not enough space for it in your inventory and it will simply disappear completely.

In addition I know it happens with Sawing off the IZH8 as well. Not to mention other crafted items such as improvised backpacks etc.

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Hello joestealth and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0024462) and it has been scheduled for a fix.