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No Shelter of any kind in a survival game???
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Logic dictates that this being a survival game should have shelters. Every other survival Alpha development game has shelters some even complete building options such as The Forest. Once geared up this game has nothing else to do other than survive in the wilderness or go and get killed losing all your hard earned gear. Which without shelter makes no sense whatsoever. I am not religious but for the love of god put some kind of storage in this game and some shelter that protects the person from other players and the environment. You have some great ideas and the game is heading in the right direction. However I find it a constant source of frustration that the player just feels like this lost entity with no place to hide or have back up gear. The Tent thing is rubbish idea and a waste of time. You have enough tools and resources currently in the game to implement shelters. This will allow players to interact and help each other build shelters bringing another fun and needed dynamic to the game. To survive in a wilderness you need SHELTERS. Thank you...


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There are many buildings on the map that can be used as shelters.

Though improvised shelters seem to be planned - I hope there will be some effort involved instead of just instant placement.

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May be close this ticket as obsolete?