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Some items still expand inventory space
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I killed a guy in Elektro today and looted him, and he had some interesting ways of expanding his inventory (apart from three protector cases)

  • pouches for plate carrier full of gear (2 spaces gained)
  • 2x pots full of gear on gas cookers on gas cans (2 spaces gained each)


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Put pot on floor (2x2 spaces)
Put items in pot (any item)
Put gas cooker on gas can (=> 1x2 spaces)
Put pot on gas cooker and can (1x2 spaces + 2x2 spaces = 1x2 spaces)

4 spaces storage become 2 spaces in inventory

The crazy part is, large gas can plus cooker and pot should actually be at least 6 spaces (2x3) according to any sensible logic.

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What's so hard about making items as large as the inventory space they produce?

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Why the hell would you downvote this?

Someone who downvote this is using this unfair methods to gain space ;)

Also it's totally unrealistic to put a whole pant into a pent.
Also Jackets into Jackets... the whole inventory system needs to be re-done in my opinion.

While this makes sense for hard containers like pots I think clothes should take up less space when empty. Maybe give them two states: a "stored" state where they occupy much less space but do not provide any and a "filled" state where they either occupy as much space as they provide (very thin clothes only) or even more (thicker clothes).

And of course combining items should change size (gas canister + gas stove, gun + buttstock/scope, etc.).

You have, obviously, never ever packed a ruck sack for anything other than school. It would surprise you what you can get into what. Why hell wouldn't you be able to store things in a POT that has space in your ruck sack? You gonna let that space go to waste? You think you can't pack magazines into pouches and then put the pouch in a ruck sack? What kind of stupid are you?

Sure, should not be able to pack infinite items into clothing. But the rest is such nit noy little nitpickiness. Use your God given BRAINS to think about this. That's why the hell I voted it down.

I have no clue what the hell is wrong with YOUR brain. I clearly mapped the issue out for you above.
You collect items that take up a total of up to 8 SPACES and put 4 items into the pot (okay, let's say that still makes 8 spaces) and in the end, you end up using 2 SPACES
4 spaces would have been logical, since 4 inventory spaces is what I am effectively packing into the pot. Anything else is just garbage.

The inventory system needs a total rehaul in my opinion. As Paper26 correctly stated, you can't pack a pair of pants into your cargo pants. You can't pack a cooking pot into your raincoat. But you CAN put a pistol into a single cargo-pant or raincoat pocket (a SINGLE pocket, meaning the other pockets are empty).