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Experimental - Apple Tree Issues
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Since the developers in their infinite wisdom decided to remove ALL of the food from the game - or the server jumping fanboys found it all first, I decided to search for apples. I checked several trees in several areas while I was slowly dying on this very exciting starvation simulator. After searching and searching, I finally found 1 apple. However, the apple did not appear in my hand, inventory, or on the ground. So I died of starvation while I continued searching.


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I searched at least 30 times on 8 different trees and found only one apple so I was unable to reproduce. I am aware however that the produce does not have the proper textures in version 55, and are often invisible.

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This game is now unplayable.

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Not an issue but rage-y mimimi.

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Hello krudaddy.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix (#0023215).