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So I just got VAC banned from DayZ.
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OK. So today my account got VAC banned (Banned from some secure servers because of cheating infraction). I legitimately have no idea whatsoever of why I am so. The only thing that I could think of was that I had a big de-sync before i logged out yesterday.

I can provide any additional information needed to prove my innocence.

This brings a big shame over my account and I expect this to be taken seriously.

If I can't be "unbanned" (wich I doubt) I would at least like to know why I got VAC banned.

Sorry if I sound aggressive but i'm very frustrated because as earlier stated I have no idea what I have done.

Sincerely, Lajanz {F31671}


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since devs are not vac, i don't think they can tell you more than contacting vac...
complaning here is like whining about some antivirus blocking ie at microsoft support

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Sorry I guess, didn't mean to anger anyone.

Bohemia cannot provide support on VAC bans.

Also it is perfectly possible that you did not get your VAC ban in DayZ (apparently not true as DayZ doesn't seem to share VAC bans with other games).

This is fuck*n dead end! "Bohemia cannot provide support on VAC bans..."
Damn! But they SHOULD help because it happens in their game! Steam support is useless to chat with - my colleague who played nothing but Dayz (several times during the month) was similarly banned for no reason and Steam support refused to discuss his problem. That's fuck*n shame.

Why should they help? If you cheat in another game and VAC bans you - you do deserve it. Being a cheater that does not cheat in DayZ still makes you a cheater.

Saying Bohemia has something to do is like blaming your car manufacturer for losing your drivers license.

You cheat, you get banned. You don't cheat, you won't get banned. As simple as that. There are no "false bans".

Well you don't get Vac banned for no reason. Steam must have been watching you and caught you cheating, good for you. All you cheaters should be banned for life. You turds ruin games for everyone else.

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@M4Z TeR

That's complete bs. I think it was 2015/04/17 several people got falsely VAC banned.

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@Evil Minion, you clearly misunderstood my problem. I am banned in DayZ and DayZ only.

Indeed I assumed you would get a ban for any game but this is apparently not true (only some games do share VAC bans). Still the company you want to contact is Valve.

Hello Lajanz,

As mentioned above, VAC bans are issued by Steam and will have to be investigated by Steam. We have no access to or administrative powers over their tools. For this reason, please contact Steam Support directly by using the following link: