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Logging out and back in puts you under the floor in some buildings => wall-hacking enabled again
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This is possible in the prison / camo-building at VMC for example:

Since this is a very frequented building, it's a cheating troll's paradise.

But I repeatedly also logged in the wall at the base of Green Mountain tower although I logged out inside the top room with the control panels in the wall.

I also experienced the police station in Nadelino. Logging out at the back of the bottom floor behind the stairs there always caused me to log in under the floor.


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Steps To Reproduce

Not sure where you have to log out exactly
Log out in the building
Log in
If not under the ground move somewhere else

Additional Information

You can see almost completely out the building but can not be seen when inside, obviously.

The problem is that, according to my knowledge, you can play around on an empty public server until you finally do end up under the ground. When you log out there and back in on another server, you will always be under the ground.

SUGGESTION: Make it possible to get player names even if they are dead.

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Hello ColonelBurton and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.