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Possibility to carry two weapon in the inventory
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You can carry two weapon in your inventory + another weapon in your hands.


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Put a weapon (Ex: mosin) near a ladder, while you have another weapon in your inventory (not in your hands), then climb up the ladder and open inventory, right click on the mosin and climb down the ladder. You will have a regularity weapon in your inventory and another weapon at the end of inventory, with the possibility to carry another weapon in your hand.

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Sorry for my english... I hope that I explain good the problem

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Let me understand...

  1. put a mosin on the ground, at the top of a ladder
  2. climb down a ladder
  3. right click on a mosin, that's at the top of a ladder ????

I'm thinking you meant to say this:

  1. have gun #1 on shoulder
  2. have gun #2 in hands
  3. drop gun #2 on ground
  4. climb down/up ladder
  5. ......please finish steps.

This doesn't make any sense.

Can you make a video?

Not sure but I think he's trying to say to "teleport" the second weapon up or down the ladder and as he's putting it in his hands, immediately interact with the ladder again.