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Crosshair shaking.
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Ive made forum post about Croshair jumping and shaking and unable to play.

Posted Today, 08:37 PM
Can you please help me i can't play anymore after the update my croshair shakes unbelievable hard to play.

At first i tought it's my mouse but after i changed to other mouse and tried adjust smoothes or sensitivity in game nothing helps.

Secondly updated drivers and downgraded them and yes nothing helps. As for Video card.

Will add video for that. in YT.

And yes i tried to uninstal game several times now. > :(

My Setup
Sabertooth r2 mother board.

2x4=8Gb Hyperx 1600 ram

Fx 8350 oc to 4.6 H100i cooling

R9 290 4gb trix x oc by Sapphire.

Forgot to add Monitor BenQ 144mhz

resolution OC with OMEGA to 3200x1800


Ps. Tried to change aspect radios and Cfg files and whatsoever.


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Have you tried building a fire? You might just be cold. Or if you ate human meat this can happen as well. But by the video it looks like you are just cold and it is not telling you.

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I did fire few time to zombie still trembling. i will try to warm up and report here. i did not eat any human meat xD

i solved the Problem uninstall.

LOL, you un-installed????!!!
You were probably just cold.

  1. use a heat pack


  1. build a fire

optional method:

  1. go to Electro
  2. strip down to underwear
  3. climb a roof and jump off.
  4. respawn
  5. added luck, you get an Electro respawn
  6. retrieve your gear.
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Not a hardware or installation "issue" related. Cold probably or broken arm : warm up and apply a splint (even if no "fracture" status, a rare bug that does not display it).

At worst respawn.

The new cross-hair moves with the sway of your gun when you have your gun out.