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The easy way to duplicate item by 2 persons
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It's almost able to duplicate all items


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Player A
2.Player B
3.Small Protector Case(1 is enough)
4.put somthing in Small Protector (clips,nets,etc...whatever u want to dupe....)
5.Player A take Small Protector and also put it in backpack, AND ALSO PUT IT IN YOUR HANDS
6.Player B make sure he is fully loaded which means there is no space for Small protect and get ready .
7.Player A TAKE Small Protector IN HANDS AND drink something, drop the Small Protector while drinking
8.Player B pick up Small Protector imediately before Player A finish drink
9.Player B log off first , Player A log off after B
10.Player B log in , Player A follow log in
so you will get 2 Small Protector with same items inside.....

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This is interesting. Please change to private.

it's already widespread, there will be no difference between public/private I fear.

So dev have no idea in this case ?

Geez added a comment.Apr 29 2015, 10:10 AM

Hello Jambajamba and thank you for the report.
The issue has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.