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V3S / surface friction and clipping with other objects
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The V3s is still a very dangerous vehicle.

The trucks slide very easily on even low-sloped areas off road, and this has disastrous consequences when parking near other objects in the environment. I recently parked two trucks near a military tent on a nearly level field. Zombies occasionally take notice, and jump onto the trucks (engines off), and when they do, the trucks begin to slide slowly, making the grinding noise. Additionally, each time the server resets, the trucks slide downhill a short distance (usually less than a meter at a time). Over time, the trucks come into contact with each other, and eventually one of then clipped into the military tent. I entered the truck not in contact with the tent, and upon starting the engine, the first truck disappeared through the map as a result of the conflict with the tent.
In a separate instance, I accidentally rolled over in a V3S cargo, which landed on the side of the road next to a tree. I returned to the area the next day (probably 4 or 5 server resets later). The truck was now back upright, but the truck clipped the tree, which was now intersecting the cab. I entered the truck, and when the engine started, the truck jumped, killing me. I immediately respawned and returned to the area (within 10-15 minutes) and the truck was gone, presumably pushed through the map.

Perhaps object conflicts should be resolved automatically when the vehicle respawns at server reset, not waiting until someone starts it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. park a v3s close and uphill from a tree or military tent.
  2. Wait for a server reset or observe when a zombie jumps on top of the truck.
  3. Over time, the truck will slide toward the tree or tent, and eventually clip through.
  4. Start the truck, and you may be killed, and the truck may disappear through the map.
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-Having a wonderful time pushing the V3S envelope!-

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Hello Bytor and thank you for the report.
Those are issues we are aware of (#0024071 + #0023293) and they have been scheduled for a fix.