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Helicopter crash sites bugged in 0.55
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Helicopter crash sites seem to be seriously bugged in 0.55, both before and after the return the legacy loot system. First I found that one crash site has a 100% chance to spawn a crashed helicopter. This was the site directly to the southwest of the Military base near Vybor. This was tested in over 30 different public hive servers. However there was absolutely no loot inside ~95% of the time. Later, I found that the same was true of the crash site directly north of Stary Sobor (tested on ~10 servers and found no loot at all). So, my theory is as follows. I think that the locations at which helicopter crashes spawn are bugged such that the actual model of the helicopter always spawns in the same place, but the loot is distributed as if the helicopters are spawning in random locations as they are supposed to. So there will usually be nothing at the crashes, but there will be a pile of loot in the middle of a field. Of course I can't verify that theory, it just seems to be the most sensible theory.


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It is very unlikely that the crash sites had already been looted, as most of the servers had restarted recently.

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After finding a crash site on a server returned 12 hrs later still there 24 hrs still there. And funny old thing no loot. I don't mind the bug per say, but having loot that is tied to the crash site is bad as there is no way of getting it as far as I can see. And I have not found any loot lying in the fields so far were crash sites spawn.

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Hello OnionOfShame and thank you for the report.
Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce the issue you have described. Please keep in mind that the helicopter wrecks could have been looted, as the loot in them respawns only once in 60 hours (server restarts should not affect it).