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There is NO RAIN! NEVER!
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Since 0.55 there is no rain. Why is that?


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It has been rather beautiful out there...

Cobiee added a subscriber: Cobiee.May 8 2016, 10:22 PM

Agree, Haven't seen rain since atleast 0.54 personally and put in 50+ hours since then

True now that you say it. Then again it wass raining ALL DE TAHM before the update. ALL DE TAHM!

Good, the rain makes some ppl lag, jk I second this

Why no Dev talks to us about this issue? At least say it is intended.

dude, stop complain about this

people cry before "there is only rain.. rain rain.. mimimi.."

now there is no rain and people start again to cry about rain.

"there is no rain.. mimimi bla bla"

dudes pls
be happy about the good weather in april. seriously stfu

Nah, weather will play a role if you like it or not. I just wonder where the hell the rain went, they didn't even mention it one time.

This is Chernarus not Summer in Greece.

You can't get cold now, only if you take a swim. Rain coats are worthless, just more easy mode stuff.

So just to provide info since apparently the DAYZ dev's cant be bothered to respond to your questions.

Rain was disabled because it was killing people with the new hunger/thirst/cold mechanics. They need to bring it back NOW and since they rolled back to .54 because of their .55 FUCKUP it might be back?

i played a bit after the rollback to the placeholder loot system. no rain.


is there a devpost about this? or just your thoughts?

Confirmed, still no rain. I don't know what to say man, all kind of fucks up from the Dev's.

Probably intended to avoid freshspawns freezing to death in numbers due to the unfinished CLE.

However, the new hermit features should make it possible to survive even without finding any loot.

Rain is a must have for the new CLE in my opinion. Most of the time you have everything for farming but you cannot find a bottle/canteen/jerry can for watering your plants. When there were rain, your plants would grow...

Put the rain back!

NBPone added a subscriber: NBPone.May 8 2016, 10:22 PM

yesterday, on 11.06.15, there was rain on one Server we were on Version 0.57

I heard from someone else they saw rain too but I played all night on multiple servers and didn't get a drop. For the love of christ dev's please tell us what is going on.

Played all weekend for hours, multiple servers, no rain.

Still nothing.

lynken added a subscriber: lynken.May 8 2016, 10:22 PM

On .58 exp I encountered rain on all servers I played, so I think the next stable build will be a wet one :)