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SUGGESTION: Non-ruined gear should not disappear after death
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Of course, a few nay-sayers are going to come crawling out at this suggestion - and for good reason, because one really annoying thing in the game is people suiciding themselves to return as fresh-spawn to get their lost gear.

But the fact is that you can't simply magically make items disappear. You can not just wave your magic wand and say "CORPUS DEFLUO!" and a dead body will disappear with all the stuff on it.

If you really want to hide somebody's gun or backpack, you will have to pick it up and toss it into a river or carry it far away to place it between some shrubs (which, in turn, forces you to risk having somebody else steal your stuff that's lying around). Or you could bury it (another good reason to carry a spade or shovel)

Same counts for "skin and quarter body" on players. Apart from creating a big, bloody puddle, this should not cause gear to disappear.

I would suggest ruined gear also not disappear until at least two or three server resets.

This would also make it easier for freshies to find some decent loot!!!

But beyond all the good reasons, it is simply logical.


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I'm not saying the body shouldn't despawn. I'm saying the body can go, and for all I care all the ruined gear can despawn too. Pristine gear like backpacks with content, weapons, should stay.

Oh yeah, obviously sneakers, jeans, flashlight and battery can despawn along with your t-shirt as well.

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I see this as an issue too.
Because right now if you have a shootout with a group of guys you don't really have the chance to loot the guys you killed, you have to sit it out against the other group.
If you move first, you die first.

At least dead bodies should stay for an hour or two.


Make all bodies disappear that are in the area of where you died.
Make all other bodies persistent, as bullets do quite a lot damage to gear, most stuff will be ruined anyway or already picked up by survivor of the fight.

Cause yes, it also annoys me you cannot leave a dead body and pick up the loot two hours later when you were chasing someone.

I think the 10 minutes despawn where make not to allow dead player to came back to their body easily, and mostly not to overcharge server with hundred of freshspawn dead body. But in other hand that's true that if you engage a group, you have 10 minutes to kill them all if you want to loot all bodies.

So what you want is a system to gets life easier by waiting until body despawn and what's left are only important AND non ruined items? Sure...

Nope. You are obviously unable to read.

Maybe, but I will just quote you :
"all the ruined gear can despawn" (you say the inverse before : "ruined gear also not disappear until at least two or three server resets")
"Pristine gear like backpacks with content, weapons, should stay"
"jeans, flashlight and battery can despawn"

So by reading this, you want the trash and ruined item to despawn, but useful and pristine one to stay. Excuse if my conclusion isn't your point, but it sounds like it.

Yes but I don't know how that makes life easier for anyone. It actually makes it harder for bandits since they actually need to hide gear.

I realize people will try to get back to their gear as soon as possible but this will not be possible on many servers in future, where you will have several minutes up to hours respawn timer.

Generally, random fresh spawn will benefit from this, because gear that semi-geared players picked up will not just disappear because some full-gear with an AK shot them and clicked "hide body"

The reason I said jeans flashlight and battery can despawn is because of all the mass suiciding of people.

I ear your point, but by making useless things to disappear, you make the loot easier. You don't have to sort by yourself ruined item, all that's left is good loot and you spend less time on a body avoiding in the same way the risk of someone shooting you.

But I wasn't saying that ruined loot should disappear IMMEDIATELY

Like I said, read the feedback before rating and commenting, it is common courtesy!

I said "I would suggest ruined gear also not disappear until at least two or three server resets. "

I'm sorry to add an indecisive answer here, but:

I DO like the idea of non ruined loot staying after a body despawns, but, I also like that regardless of condition loot despawns, which makes finding loot harder. Certainly, a high-pop server would soon be littered with un-ruined loot, thus making things easier.

In which, if loot that wasn't un-ruined, finding it would soon become an easter-egg hunt, you'd find it eventually.

Even the prospect of Freshspawn gear despawning I have mixed feelings, because:
Pro: If despawn ---> = better server performance (maybe.)
Con: If despawn ---> = less realism.

To recap: un-ruined loot stays:
Pro: Saves gear. Makes hiding gear challenging.
Con: Potentially makes survival easier.

So, I feel that I can only give rationale for both sides. I want to vote up, but I also want to vote down. Perhaps a continued debate is in order before I choose a side. All in all, I do agree with Dean that there must be a balance of Realism and Funfactor. And Funfactor doesn't always have to mean make it easier nor harder for the player.

Perhaps this is something that should be tested in an experimental server...

I can see the logic behind this - it's more authentic and does not put you on as much of a timer after spotting (or causing) a dead body. A more authentic solution: The corpse attracts scavengers (crows, rats, zombies etc.) that can be driven off or killed but otherwise gradualy ruin the gear. To avoid people picking up their own stuff the respawn should put them far away from their corpse(s).

Freshies having an easier time to find decent loot is actually an argument for despawning though.

agreed xD and voted up on this

Evil Minion:
you would also need a longer respawn timer (say three to five minutes, whether you remain in the server or not)

You can keep re-suiciding and will eventually end up near your gear.