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V3s wheels break because of bugged road between lopatino and pushoshka
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In certain areas the roads are bugged and driving over the areas will break the front wheels of the v3s.. The road looks normal but if u drive over the area the road is soo bumpy that the wheels break.. {F31610}


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Just drive on the roads in the area and get your boots and wheels ruined..

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the roads between lopatino and pushoshka

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This also happened to me just now, attached an image of the area.

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I know this spot very well - I hit it many times when trucks were (nearly) indestructible - I drive that road very carefully and swerve to avoid that tree now.

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There is a similar tree on the road north between Grishino and the railroad tracks.

Geez added a comment.Apr 15 2015, 1:59 PM

Hello equeone and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0022465) and it has been scheduled for a fix.