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Repositioned when picking up shoulderable items in towers, resulting in fall-to-death.
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At Veresnik, I experienced a fatal fall from a tower by picking up a pickaxe to gain access to items stacked underneath. I was in a crouched position, nearly in the center of the tower, facing about 25 degrees to the right of center of the wall opposite the ladder. The pickaxe was being traded for the fireaxer on my character, but the shouldering animation of the pickaxe ended about three meters to the right of the tower; resulting in a Wile E. Coyote style fall to my death.


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In my experience, I was already armed with both a shouldered long-gun, and a shouldered melee weapon.

Find a green, steel guard tower of approximately one square meter floor dimensions; such as those around military bases, or near Zelenogorsk or Drozhino.

Pick up a new shoulderable weapon to replace the one already on your back.
Shouldering animation should end somewhere outside the tower, resulting in a fall.

I also did a crouch-walk around the loot pile in the center of the tower, trying to inspect its contents, before picking up the pickaxe to see items underneath it; this may have contributed to my position being confused by the animation.

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The same type of action has resulted in being phased through walls in brick pubs as well, thouhg non-fatally. Some eating and drinking animations while in the vicinity of superimposed loot piles has also resulted in slight displacements of character. It may be that having stacked items in the same position is responsible for interfering with character placement when animations are started "on top" of such loot piles.

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This can also happen when using an item. It seems to have something to do with preparing for an animation it repositions you character (and has nothing to do with desync IMO)

Can knock you down when on certain stairs, too.