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Loot is still broken, Food not spawning
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Loot is still broken, Food not spawning.

Been broken for a week +


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This particular problem is ridiculous. You have known about it since day one of this shit patch yet it's still broken. Go put more food in the game, no one can even reach the fucking North for searching.

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nothing in the north as well. So don't rush.

Yea just heard that from a ton of other users.

Well, they fixed the whole 'loot not spawning in the right place' thing. they seem to have completely gotten rid of loot altogether in the process. I mean, even Novodmitrovsk was almost completely empty.

I'm not sure they fixed loot spawning in the right area's. DayZ Reddit is still indicating guns are missing, military equipment is spawning in Civilian homes etc. That I can live with but there is still no food. People have been posting on the Dev twitter account but they are failing to understand the gravity of this situation and stick to their "oh, it just needs tweaking" bullshit.

i was more or less being sarcastic, meaning I have hardly been able to find anything. played for 35 or 40 minutes and searched novo and found nothing aside from a garden hoe and a child's briefcase.

when 0.55 first came out I was finding tons of loot, albeit not in the right spots, now i'm struggling to even spawn in because even empty servers have no loot at all

Gotcha, sarcasm meter is broken this week.

Hi vendetta,

When spawning in, I do have a harder time surviving than before, but it is doable. That's probably why the devs are mentioning tweaking instead of a replacement of the system. Do you have a couple of specific servers (ip + port) that I could try out and thus see how bad the situation is?

Also, pretty please, with sugar on top - mind it with the language.


if you are talking about private hives, this is a known issue and they are hopefully working on it

Thanks for the server info NBPone (the server is on Public though). There was definitely a lack of loot while going through Severograd, so it looks like the server is affected by the bug described in #23335.