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My characters in game jog and run slower than all the ones of my friends
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Since .51 or so my avatars run slower in comparison with other players. And I mean significantly, like 40 meters loss in one minute or so. Others have to wait up for me regularly.

wobo/Aggathor tested the factors for the running speed mid-2014, and energized/hydrated, shoes, equipment, etc were all unimportant. Only thing that did something was being out of breath and having the weapon raised or not.

I heard rumors that the client FPS plays a role as well, but looking to the ground or not does nothing, and my FPS is generally higher than the ones of my friends.

I have bound fast forward, and am unsure if turbo does anything differently. But I don't know how to use it properly (turbo).

I don't know what to do, it is a serious handicap, following people sucks and running away from them even more, since they can easily close.


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Difficult, since it is bound to me somehow.

But searching this on reddit yields multiple threads in which people try to understand how this works, or they report that they or a friend runs significantly slower.

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It would be great if this could be relayed to a dev or so, so that we could get a definitive answer which factors can influence the actual speed a character runs with.

It shouldn't be possible to run slower with gear/energy etc all the same.

The engine must have decisive factors that influence this. Can we learn them? What can I do? Will the new player controller changes this?

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One of my friends has the same issue.

Could it be how much weight you are carrying?

You could check your internet quality. Especially for packet loss to the server you play on.
This can do a quick test.

To test to your server you can do a ping or a traceroute test with the commands ping or tracert in windows.
run -> cmd to open a console window and use

ping [ip to the server] -n 20 or
tracert [ip to the server]

A other problem could be that your character animations don't run fluent and it is stuttering for some reason. Try to close every non-system processes which do not need to run to play dayz in your windows task manager and try to disable live protection anti virus and check if it gets better.
Good Luck.

I have noticed this same issue when carrying the makarov in hands.

@vatixerid: thanks for the input mate. I checked my packet loss, to your link I have outrageous 5% packet loss, but I am in Germany. Dunno if that is a factor.

When I ping the server/hive I play on, I can leave it running for twenty minutes or so and get no packet loss at all.

Strangest thing. Will test further stuff. Hopefully the new player controller changes things I guess?

Hi moeb1us
I have the same issue. I was running away as almost fresh-spawn from some geared guys that were able to repeatedly stab me with their cattle prods, then run after me, catch up again, stab me again.... over and over and over.

Could also have to do with energized level, but I thought it weird that they actually got so close they were able to stab me while all I was doing was running.

In the video I mentioned this was tested as well. Aggathor ran a specific distance in different energized / hydrate states. No influence

update: it appears I fixed the issue myself.

I changed the MTU from 1500 bytes to 1492 bytes so no packets get fragmented anymore. Bam, running speed on par with my pals.