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Ghillie suit or how to inspire people to kos
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I don't understand the way you make impossible to get the netting and make ghillie suit, I don't see the huge problem on giving people possibility to get the character ROLE-PLAY they want. And I really do not appreciate stripping me from possibility to find the components and make my own ghillie... And I want the ghillie because I think they look great, are fun and it is great way to be stealthily, so great defence tool.
My conclusions:
Very small availability of the nets will cause the players to kos others to get ghillie or to stay alive in ghillie, before I haven't even noticed anybody cares about my character ghillie because you could make your own relatively easy.


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Running through the coast like an idiot looking for not existing nets

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This isnt even a valid report. You can find netting almost everywhere. All I see in this report is someone complaining that they cant find stuff.

once the distribution is back to area based, you can find your precious netting back again on the shores. just wait.