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I was playing the wohle easter weekend on A Fragnet Public 1. Person server. This server had no problem with item persistence related behavior three consecutive days till today.

After the new loot distribution was fixed serverside (more survival stuff, less police items etc.) I decided it is now save to put my gear into a stash. I build one tent in the woods near Stary Sobor, another near Drubrovka.

While I did this Hicks was tweeting:
"Public Hive persistence appears to be working fine, so have fun - make your camps - don't fret about a guarantee of progress loss."

So I logged out for a break and logged back in, 1. tent was gone with my stuff. I run over to Gorka to check the loot - items was new spawned. Even the dynamic event police car on the 95/65 spawn point was slightly on another position and had new loot (it was directed to the south and had a shootgun on the roof spawned which I had no room to pick up - this is why I remeber it exactly).

I was frustrated and was whining at the producer (silly me) and here is the log of this conversation:

Hicks inital Tweet: "Wooooo! Found a civilian medium tent -right- after that tweet."

Me: "@Hicks_206 Cant be mine. The Fragnet publiuc hive server I was plying on just got a persitent rest. *frustrating*"

Brian Hicks: "@andro_dawton What server?"

Me: @Hicks_206 " I thought it was an offical and just put my stuff in a stash after the new loot was spawning - bad timing :("

Brian Hicks: "@andro_dawton Just checked, persistence is functioning on this box fine. Maybe you dropped the tent too close to the server restart?"

Me: "@Hicks_206 No, Im on my way to another tent. Loot was new even after restart right now. Strage."

Brian Hicks: "@andro_dawton I restarted it - the loot was not new. All the stuff I dropped on the ground was there after restart."

Me: "@Hicks_206 Im now 100% sure that got a persistence reset. Both tents are gone, loot is not the same as it was on last login before"

Me: "@Hicks_206 Even the position of the crashed police car in Gorka changed direction and position lightly and had new loot"

Me: "@Hicks_206 I dont say that the persistence was not working for your dropped items as you restarted the server. But Im sure there was a reset"

Brian Hicks: "@andro_dawton There was not."

Me: @Hicks_206 "Ok, but 2 things are strange: 1. Tents are gone - both was a few hours old only - far away from each other on lowpop."

ME: "@Hicks_206 2. While you was restarting the server, the direction AND the loot was new on a police car dynamic event. Didnt know this could be possible"

As you can read in the chatlog Hicks was not able to indentify a problem. But I checked the dynamic police car after Hicks restarted the server himself. And the poilice car was then heading to the west. It changed position and had again new loot. While the loot in the police station was the same (one new item spawned on a postion where I picked one up a few minutes ago).

Is it possible that this event can change the position and spawn loot on a restart while persistence is activated 2 times in a few hours? As I know Eugen Harton was communicating that the timer for new loot on dynamic events is longer than a day!


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I will make screenshots if possible in the future. Maybe this helps to proof the problem.

Additional Information

Tents got deleted - Hicks checked persitence himself on this server and said there was no reset

I would think there was indeed a manual reset from Fragnet. But if so, why said Hicks there was none?
Or there is still a problme whit persitence which he could not find in this moment.

Link to the Twitter 1. conversation:

Edit: Seems that Fragnet indeed do have problems with the persistence on the servers.

User @Gh0stR47 is asking: "@Hicks_206 All fragnet provider servers turned into 1st person, do u know why? cuz like i said, we had tents in them :/ and they are gone"

Brian Hicks ‏: "@Gh0stR47 No they did not.. o_O"

Gh0stR47: "@Hicks_206 Well u can go and check, found already 12 servers that are on 1st person only and private Char ^^ feel really sad 'bout it"

Gh0stR47: "@Hicks_206 that was the server where i had my tents"

Gh0stR47: "@Hicks_206 this one too.. it happend 4 hours ago, server restart and boom, new char and only 1st person"

ME: "@Gh0stR47 @Hicks_206 Me was mentioning the tent problematic @FragNetwork to Hicks, too. He investigated to Server with no problem found :("

Link to the 2. Twitter conversation:

Edit 2:

Server restart a few minutes ago.
New tent from this evening got deleted again. New loot at heli crash aswell.


"Christian|Fragnet" Administrator Customer Server of Fragnet answered in the Forum:

"Hello Andro, is a client rented server running on the public Hive, meaning the client has control of this server. Unfortunately I cannot fully answer your question as the client has all rights to delete their loot storage.
We have resolved all persistence issues with clients who have gotten in touch, but are very happy for any report we can get to further investigate should any issues remain.

If you want to ensure Fragnet being solely in control of a server, then I'd strongly recommend that you are looking for one of our public servers, simply search for "DayZ UK 4" in the browser to find our official servers in the UK. On these servers we can also roll-back persistence data on request should any issues occur.

Kind Regards,"

So they are violating the Server Hosting rules:
" You may not perform the following actions on your server

  • Restart server to farm loot "

Did Fragnet delete the loot storage files?

Edit4: Can be closed, they responded again after I cleared some things up:

Hello Manuel,

Thank you very much for this head's up, we acknowledged this issue yesterday as we contacted Bohemia about a few reports we received, after which we concluded that due to a misunderstanding between us and Bohemia those functions were never removed for Public servers. However this is no longer the case as that was patched yesterday evening, public servers do not have access to those functions any longer.

Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards,

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Did your admin go on the server and reset persistance ? If it is a private hive they released the package to fix/reset persistance on servers if it brakes down, our hive now correctly keeps vehicles in place. I have yet to find a tent to verify that tho lol. (Tent persistance).

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Nope it is a public hive server and problems begun AFTER this fix anyway. Even Hick himself said there was no reset (as in the text described both, have you even read it?)

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket as obsolete?

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