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Tents disappeared
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I had two military tents filled with items, that disappeared over night. The server seems to have changed settings, because for 2 days no items appeared anywhere, and then suddenly they did. Other tents that I had come across seemed to have disappeared as well.


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11 hours ago

Global Server Hotfix has been Released. Persistence Wipe on All Stable Servers

That means all tents were wiped too.

Wow, no warning of any kind? Just a giant middle finger? Would have been nice to let us know so we could have tried to at least save some of the shit we spent hours getting, to have you yet again fuck us over after you said this wasn't happening anymore.

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I pitched up a tent yesterday evening, after Hotfix, it disappeared too.
It was an official server. I checked it after one serverrestart and everything seems to be fine.Today it´s gone.

At least yours went back to persistence. I'm still sitting on a server that refreshes loot on EVERY restart. I can't even lay a sewing kit on the ground at camp and hope for it to be there after.

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I can confirm this. My tent has despawned twice. Additionally, items placed on the ground inside the tent have also despawned. We also built an oven fireplace (8 stones) outside of the tent. It too, has despawned, and vehicles are no longer persistent. I had two trucks parked in a specific location and both are gone after a restart.

I would also note that items that were moved prior to a server restart seem to re-appear near or at the same place they were when picked up. So unless you keep the items ON YOUR PERSON, they despawn and go back to their "assigned' persistent location. I was able to confirm this as the tent and some of the items enclosed were picked up near where I had laid the tent.

Matches report 0023497:

I must also note that this occurred AFTER the global hotfix. Both tents were setup after the hotfix, and after the server restarts, this occurs.

Private Shard:

I logged out in a house in a persistence on server that had a mosin and a double rifle, after the server reset they were both gone, all fresh loot

last night i logged out in a big military tent, logged in today and it was gone

This was still happening as of 4 hours ago on the official servers

Still happening on public Vilayer servers, particiularly GA.

Curve added a comment.Apr 7 2015, 4:01 PM

I just want to note that the server I play on, the owner reset the server (wiped) after the hotfix wipe, and it seems to have cleared up the persistence issues. Vehicles now stay, loot stays, and tents stay as well.