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Suggest changing the initial spawn equipment from torch to knife
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I think when you start as a fresh spawn, it would be a better idea to replace the torch and battery with some form of knife (Like a pen knife). Thus allowing the player at least some basic functions such as been able to open cans or craft basic items. In reality it is more likely that someone would carry a small knife with them than a torch. It would also at least give a fresh spawn a fighting chance.


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Would also be good if you could cut branches from trees with this knife to make basic weapons etc.

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This is a bad idea. You can already make the improvised stone knife which can be used to open cans, which can be used to craft any items that need a knife and which can also be used as something to fight with. Changing the fresh spawn gear to something you recommended would render the improvised knife obsolete.

My guess is you made an uneducated suggestion for something that is very simple to get. If you didin't know, to make an improvised stone knife you have to find a stone texture on the floor, and scroll wheel search it. Then ever time you search you have a chance of getting a rock. Then you equip the rock in your hands and use the rock on the stone texture and craft the improvised knife.

I just thought something better than the torch as just about everyone ditches this as soon as they spawn to make room for other items, It is also very hard now as a fresh spawn to survive (Not impossible though), If they added a pen knife you could at least open a few cans without having to improvise a knife first, They could make it so the knife has a very limited life span, Just something to get a fresh spawn going after the first few minutes of joining ok people that have played the game for a while can usually survive, But new players to the game are going to struggle big time.

No reason at all as we got the easy to make and highly effective stone knife you basically got as spawn equipment as you can make it at every beach.

I even think that with the addition of hand drill and improvised torch (0.57) the flashlight has outlived its purpose and can be removed from the fresh spawn character (maybe replace it with a single use chemlight in case you spawn in the middle of the night).

The stone knife is fine but when you spawn further inland and there are no stones to make the knife then a limited use small pocket knife would be of more use than a torch that no one uses.

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I would not give freshspawns any items at all, but the clothing would be nice if its random. Or make different spawn clothing sets, not just different colour shirt and jeans.

Yay for Chemlight+Rag!

Yep I like the change in 0.57 to the initial start kit. These items are more appropriate, nice work

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Please check this ticket.