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zombies moving and hitting too fast (not realisticly fast)
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from 2 days I've noticed the zombies moving not realistically fast, it is no sense to pick up any gun to deal with it, only axe and dull exchange of hits (avoiding hits is not possible anymore, even falling zombie can hit me few times, it is no sense)
The pistols seems to be not effective anymore, what has no sense at all, hits in the head not getting zombies down...
They are so fast you cannot even notice them before they are at you...


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The good thing is that they started to move, you should have moving and not moving zombie mix, but please reverse back their speed or give me money back because without strategy of dealing with danger in the game it is no sense to play, everybody can swing melee weapons hoping the zombies will get down eventually, the rest will be dull looking for food, water and useless fire weapons.

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head shots still kill with one hit. i sneak around with an Amphibia S pistol, caliber .22 and zombies still drop after one headshot, even soldier zeds. maybe a desync/lag problem?

Generally everyone I've played with has raged about how ridiculously powerful the zombies are. Bruce Leed would have had serious trouble against one.

The only thing to do now is run away or lock them in a house -.-

No loot, people are running around more scared of zombies than players, no fighting zombies and even animals are still bugged. This is the worst update ever. Several people on streams have said this, too.

I disagree, there are alot of players who love the update and the higher difficulty, it has its problems, it just needs some tinkering. Adapt to beeing more stealthy, don't just sprint around everywhere guns blazing. They still can be easily killed 1on1 with melee if you know what your doing.

The point of the game is to survive zombies and people. With the zombies like this, it is more of a challenge and to me makes the game far better.

ok, so the artificial zombies running with the speed of light and hitting you so many times that animation is to slow for this seems to be ok for you?
Lets compare this with the walking dead movie, first you are unprepared and scared of zombies and then you learn how to dispatch them efficiently with the melee weapon or fire weapon, and then day comes when the new update of reality happens...

Huge issue. Melee is almost pointless as it takes more hits from an Axe to kill a zombie than an actual player. They rubber band now, where they catch you instantly, and you can't escape til the game just decides its had enough. They also make ZERO noise while moving on any surface.

They don't run at the speed of light. They run at the same speed you sprint at. So I guess you also think that you should run slower. And we are not talking about movies here. There is nothing to accurately base off of what a "real" zombie would do. If you wanted to go with movies, then we should base it off of the first movies with zombies where all they do is kinda shuffle around so slow a crawling baby could get away. And dispatching them is not hard. I can still hit them in the head one shot with fire axe or any gun and kill them. I used a trumpet earlier today and shot several zombies in the head and killed them in one shot and that's just a 22. We should not have to say this, but this game is Alpha. That means changes happen. This is not the first time they have made changes to how the zombies react and their speed.

Yea, stow the alpha comments. The reason people MAKE these comments, is cause they are alpha and trying to make the experience better. People like you add nothing by simply thinking everything is okay.

This is a broken mechanic and I don't believe for a second you have killed anything with a single hit or shot as I have logged 10 hours and done neither nor have I seen any videos of serious players doing it.

They run faster than you do, that is why they catch up to you and then back off. They rubber band because they have a higher base run speed than you. Also, still not effected by hills. They can sprint up those like Usain Bolt.

I do like the direction that the new zombie AI is going but I do think it needs tweaking "Slightly". As it is now, if you do get in a fight with a Zombie it is IMPOSSIBLE to escape without taking any damage unless you shoot them at distance. I do feel that the melee weapons have been nerfed too much, The fact that you can no longer just jump to one side to avoid the zombie attack and walk away unhurt is more than enough to make the zombies a viable threat now.

Some would say doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is call insanity.You keep trying to play the same was you were before and it didn't work. Time to switch strategies like I have. Learn whey buildings you can shoot through, learn how to 360 melee HS. Or take the easy way and lock yourself in a building. zeds will go away after 10 seconds. The mechanic is not broken. It is working as designed. Some CHANGES to the mechanic may be needed later, as they keep doing. If you doubt me get in and I will give you my mp5 and show you how its done. i am using a revolver right now and can 2 shot kill any zombie, or 1 to the head

Some would say defending all change as good would be insane.

Realistically? I've never had a chance to see any zombies in real life.
Speed is OK, and it should stay like that. They are humans after all.

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Hello dayz_player and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of (#0023273) and it has been scheduled for a fix.