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Most of Loot is missing after Update
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I was playing the new update today. I've noticed that, some of civillian and millitary items are missing. For example, I was searching garages in Chapvesk 3 times after restart and didn't find normal sewing kit. Same goes for some millitary stuff, people reported that they can't find loot in barracks etc. Also a note : I am not playing on persistent server.


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I'm not playing on Persistent server.
Maybe you can fix loot spawn by doubling items that spawn in civillian areas.

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after the last update, ALL Server are now persistance Server. They are forced to it, if they want or not

Dayz 0.55: Persistence & Loot Infos

As of the 0.55 Stable Branch update, persistence will no longer be an opt-in feature. Persistence is now moving into the active core features “zone”. Private shard operators can request a reset of this through their GSP only in the case of any abhorrent behavior.

What does this mean for you, the average survivor?

As item cleanup and respawn is actively being worked on in order to function on a more comprehensive level – you will see DayZ gameplay become potentially significantly more difficult for 0.55.

    Item Cleanup / Respawn will be iterated upon in 0.56
    Loot concentration will evolve across the map as players scavenge and pick areas clean
    If the area you are in seems to be picked clean, you -must- adventure further inland

Again – the behaviors involving sharp declines in loot concentration will be iterated upon and resolved, but for 0.55 you will see the struggle to survive become much harsher.

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I cant find any weapons

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Hello JustCaused and thank you for the report.
The lootspawn system is still being worked on and will be tweaked in future to fix all the issues regarding to loot.