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0.55 Update - Lost 75 round Drum Mag
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Logged in today and realize that the 75 round drum mag has disappeared from my AKM weapon shouldered on my characters back and the lost the extra 75 round mag from my backpack.

Not sure if has been excluded like the last update with weapon attachments being wiped.


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The exact same thing happened to me - logged in this morning as soon as the update downloaded, and found the drum mag on my AKM and one in my backpack had vanished.

Since a similar thing happened when the 0.54 update happened, this seems to be an issue.

Is this likely to happen with other weapons, as well? - I am not logging on with my other character until I hear some news.

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Same here AKM lost 75 drum and the one in backpack was gone. AK101 w/ 30 mag was ok, as was the MP5 w/ 30 mag

Lost three drum mags, one that was equiped to my AKM and two that were in my bag.

Had 2 on DayZRP, both are gone.

Lost a 75 rnd drum on my gun and another in my bag

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Can confirm, public character lost 75rnd drum mag after today, another renaming issue? ... 30rnd (normal & aftermarket type) still in inventory thank the gods

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Hello HaveLock.
This has been caused by the original drum mag being replaced for black/green variants. The original drum magazine is no longer in the game and there was nothing that could be done to prevent this from happening. We are sorry if this has caused any inconveniences.