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Persistence Server loot
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Is it me, but over the week there are less items to find on persistent servers. I find on none persistent servers most places have a good quantity of items over the week. Not so on persistent servers. It would be nice for the deves to say if that is the direction they are looking to go. The only problem I see is that at server maint day the game gets reset and it is loot explosion leading to every one playing then then it tailoring off over the week and server hoping.


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Go from none persistent server to persistent and see the difrence in the amount of loot in that area.

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persistent servers suck ass, at least in my experiences, seems all the loot is gone by the time I login never find anything now on non-persistent servers no problems at all

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Hello fing24.
Currently we are working on implementing new loot system, which should improve the loot spawning once implemented and tweaked. Please retest once next patch hits Steam and feel free to submit another ticket in case the issues re-appear.