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Player name revealed when performing 'Check Pulse' action.
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When performing a 'Check Pulse' action on another player, their name is included in the action's return, for example, "PlayerName has no pulse and is warm to the touch", even if not explicitly known prior to the action.

This is counter-intuitive, since the other player's name is not apparent from his or her appearance in-world if you have not met them before. This mechanic is currently being gamed by players to find out the names of other players without asking, and is not immersive or realistic.

Please confirm if this is a UI/Multiplayer defect or a conscious design decision at this time.

Proposed fix: The 'Check Pulse' action (and other player-player interactions planned for the future) returns an impersonal 'He' or 'She', depending on the action target's gender, instead of a full player name.


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Agreed, immersion all the way.

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Alternatively, the action could always return a neutral 'They' (instead of 'He' or 'She'), since I know that some people reject the notion of gender binarism. Also eliminates the extra logic needed to determine the other player model's gender.

The point of checking the pulse is to get the players name. You're making this sound like a feminist argument saying we need more "Neutral wording". Its a game. Suck it up and stop being so sensitive.

It's definitely needed from a gameplay perspective, for instance finding out the name of a hacker.

Veyda added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 12:58 AM

MrRamboRex) The point of checking the pulse is to determine the player's health status / whether they're dead or not. NOT to find out their name, which makes no sense whatsoever - do you touch someone IRL to instantly find out their full name?
I suggested two options - whether a 'He' and 'She' or the neutral 'They'. Please read the issue ticket thoroughly.

snipertrifle) An admin can find the hacker's name from a server log, which now tracks who killed who. There is no reason to make EACH player a telepath and kill immersion to compensate for a minor issue that won't even be an issue by release time.

@Veyda if you cant tell a players name and ask what it is in game they may lie. The purpose of check pulse was to tell their pulse and their name. Without it you'll never know who you are talking to.

Veyda added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 5:57 AM

@MrRamboRex: Regardless of checking pulse (as it is now), you never truly know their name. Just like they can tell you a fake name on voice, they can change the character name right on the main screen. Or do you go around asking for GUIDs?

I know it doesn't make sense in real life but I still think it's needed ingame. The point of checking a pulse ingame isn't really to find out if they are dead but to find out their ingame name IMO, but it might change, I don't know.

Veyda added a comment.Apr 2 2015, 5:23 PM

@snipertrifle: This action is being used this way by players right now because of the way it currently functions, not vice versa. I -personally- think this is just defect abuse, albeit on such a massive scale it became part of the culture. :/