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Because no one can shoot anyone sprinting and serpentining like that, stamina system will probley sort this out.

Yes, this value needs to be lowered. But the speed of the Mod or of Arma 3 is WAY too slow.

I think the current sprint speed is rather realistic over short distances. With around 24 km/h it is sprinting speed you might be able to expect from a athletic person in a panic situation, like beeing shot at. Of course i agree, that there is no way, that this somhow realistic over longer distances, but as you said, the stanima system will sort this out.

The biggest problem is not the sprinting speed, it's the complete lack of inertia - you can run at full speed and then change direction instantly. This makes it almost impossible to hit someone who is running around.

They have already said they will be lowering the sprint speed, It was initially raised as there was no other form of getting round the map (ie. no vehicles) and was intended only as a temporary measure.

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