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Invisible Zombies, multiple at a time, multiple times a day
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I can't fight them at all, even with a full-auto weapon spraying. These invisible zoms also go through all doors.


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Hi rcolson9333,

could you provide some more information on that issue?
Why do you believe it is invisible zombies and not desync?
When you shoot at them, do you see the bullet hitting them like by blood spashing out of the wound?
Could you, if you encounter this issue again, please upload some footage if possible? That would be very helpful.


Hey Johnny,

All 3 servers were very populated. I cound't get any blood to show off the zoms at all.
(usually an invisible zom is killed by running in a straight line, turning around, and shooting to find blood, then zero in on him. )

I cannot rule out Desync except that I have a lot of experience with Desync and this was not likely. I moved all fights into open fields in order to flush out the details.

I'm sure they moved through all doors, possibly walls too but not determined. My bullets were landing, just not on zoms. (finally filed report after 2 zoms would not take a bullet from a spraying AK)

I'm terrible at recording, hopefully someone else chimes in an helps.


This happened to me earlier on the current exp branch (v0.55.126981). I was in Elektro and had been playing alone on the server for about an hour as a fresh spawn with no issues. Suddenly I'm getting mauled by an unknown enemy. Figuring out that its a glitch I start wildly swinging my melee weapon in all directions thinking I can kill this invisible zed with a well placed swing but to no avail, I died.

It just happened again on another character on the same exp build only this time I was able to glean some insight from the ordeal. I ran around a building hoping to get away and found a zombie attacking dead air with suspiciously coincidental timing as the hits I was receiving. I promptly dispatched the bastard and to no surprise the attacks stopped. Perhaps this will shed some light on exactly what's going on here.

Same issue for me on exp build. Truly terrifying.

I'm reporting only on stable btw.

In response to Samadhi, I will attempt to visit all previous positions to look for zoms attacking a previous position. ( I guess that would be massive desync, but my Invizoms (trademark Dayz) move around quite a bit, therefore I'm not seeing the possibility to kill them as they attack an old position).

Will report back

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As far as i can see the new Zombies (0.55 exp) cant turn into invisible ones and chase you and hit you from meters away. To reproduce you should let the the zombie stuck somewhere. They can stuck in a lot of things now. Like trees, building, rails, etc... after they stuck the rendered bodies still there, but an invisible one is chasing you where ever you go. You can only free from them if you kill the stucked zombie. Or you run inside a house and close the doors(the invisible on is still waiting you outside). Its verry annoying! Dont let this zombies go to stable. These are far more bad than the stable ones

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Hello rcolson9333 and thank you for the report.
The issue has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam.